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Nasha Knyzhka cover Dmytro F. Vyslotskii, ed.
Nasha Knyzhka (Our Book) ”
Yonkers, NY [Lemko Association, 1945], $25.
A comprehensive exposition of the Lemko Soyuz’s case, in the Lemko language, as of 1945. 

Lemkos cover Paul Best and Jarosław Moklak, eds.
“The Lemkos (Second Edition)” Higganum: Carpathian Institute, 2013. $25. ISBN 978-1938292033. In total 38 articles and essays, mostly from academic conferences, dealing with everything from archival materials, general history of Lemkovyna, a village history, sociological and political issues, architecture, literature, immigration, churches and extensive book reviews.

Lemkyn cover I. F. Lemkyn (pseudonym of Ioann Polianskii)
Istoriya Lemkovyny (History of the Lemko Land)”
Yonkers, NY [Lemko Soyuz/Association, 1969], $25.
So far, the only Lemko language history of Lemkovyna.

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Pyzh cover Simeon Pyzh’s 1938 “A Short History of Carpathian Rus'”
Higganum, CT [Carpathian Institute, 2016], $20.
In this short book, originally published just before the Second World War, Simeon Pyzh, a scholar of Carpathian Rus’, forthrightly presents his views that:

  • The Slavic population of Carpathian Rus’ is autochthonous to their region— it is their original homeland!
  • The appropriate language for Carpathian Rus’ is neither literary Russian, nor literary Ukrainian, but the people’s own language!
  • The conflict between Russophiles and Ukrainophiles in Carpathian Rus’ was regrettable; they had been played off against each other as part of a ‘divide and rule’ strategy.

His insights remain valuable today, over seventy-five years after they were first published, and this new translation makes them more accessible than ever to the English-language reader.

Also included are a new biography of the author and the entire original 1938 text.

Fourth Rus' cover Paul Best and Stanisław Stepien, eds.
“Does a Fourth Rus’ Exist? Concerning Cultural Identity in the Carpathian Region.”
Przemyśl – Higganum: Southeastern Research Institute and The Carpathian Institute, 2009. ISBN 978-8360374092.
$25 for Lemko Association members, $32 for non-members.

Lemko Region cover Paul Best and Jarosław Moklak, eds.
“The Lemko Region, 1939-1947: War, Occupation and Deportation”
Kraków – New Heaven: CSSG [Carpathian Institute], 2002. $25. ISBN 978-8388737909.

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New! Lemkovyna (Western Carpathian Rus’), Scale 1:200,000, 2012.
A full color, 24 by 36 inch map of Lemkovyna showing many no longer existing Lemko villages. Suitable for wall mounting or use as a reference. See details here.
Price $10 for Lemko Association members, $13 for non-members.
If you would like to order more than one map, add only $5.00 for each additional map after the first shipped to the same address.

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Ioann Polianskii,
Lemkovyna: A History of the Lemko Region
of the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe
Higganum: Carpathian Institute, 2012.
ISBN 978-1-938292-00-2 (hardcover), 978-1-938292-01-9 (paperback).
Hardcover $39.99 ($29.99 for Lemko Association members).
Paperback $29.99 ($19.99 for Lemko Association members).
A unique history of Lemkovyna, finally available in English with a wealth of additional material. See details here.

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Bortne covers New! Bogdan Horbal, Бортне – село з каміня (Bortne: A Village of Stone).

Carpathian Institute, 2017. Hardcover, two volumes.

This massive work (1244 pages in two volumes, with full color throughout) is surely the definitive history of Bortne (Polish: Bartne), a Lemko village located in what is now southeastern Poland. Dating back to at least the last quarter of the 16th century, the village covered almost twenty square kilometers and at its peak was home to more than a thousand people, Lemkos, Jews and Gypsies.

Using historical research as well as memoirs, historical prose and even poetry, the book traces Bortne’s religious, political, economic and cultural development, paying special attention to pivotal historical events like emigration to America as well as the forced resettlements of the 1940s. The stone-mason industry, which once made the village famous, is another major focus. Also included is a biographical dictionary of accomplished individuals who were either born in or at some point lived in Bortne.

The book is richly illustrated and includes 50 tables, some of which list hundreds of names. Along with original research by Bogdan Horbal, the book also contains works by several other authors.

The text is mostly in the Lemko language, with some chapters in Polish and one in Ukrainian. The many illustrations and the wealth of reference material will be of interest to readers of any language.

$185.00, free shipping. Or only $148.00 for Lemko Association members.

Rusyn flag Rusyn flag, 3 by 5 feet. Polyester with stitched edges and brass grommets. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. $29. Now only $20!

The Peter and Anastasia Hardy Collection of Russophile Reprints

We are pleased to offer these historic reprints, published in the 1970s by the industrialist Peter Hardy (1897-1989). Featuring high quality hardcover bindings and paper, they represent the Russophile movement among the Carpatho-Rusyns. Stock is limited.

In one volume:
Svytun, Filip Ivanovich (1896), Prikarpatskaya Rus’ pod Vladiem Avtrii (Sub-Carpathian Rus’ under the rule of Austria), second supplemented edition.
Kokhanik, Rev. Peter (1897), Nachalo Amerikananskoi Rusi (The Beginnings of American Rus’).
Also included: the necrology of Fr. Kokhanik, an extract from the Shematizm (outline) of the Apostolic Adminsitration of the Lemko Region (1936), 8 pages of biographies of Rus’ social activists, and a 12 page extract of a Kachkovsky Society Calendar for 1912. 645 pages.
$45 (or $35 for Lemko Association members).

P1030068 Aristov, Fedor Fedorovich (Thedor Thedorovich), Karpato-Russkie Pisateli (Carpatho-Russian Writers), Volume 1, second supplemented edition. Moscow: Galician-Russian Society in St. Petersburg, 1916. Beginning with a 45 page biography of the author written in 1973, the book proceeds to discuss the place of Carpathian Rus’ writers in the grander scheme of Russian literature from the 10th up to the 20th centuries. 304 pages.
$35 (or $25 for Lemko Association members).

P1030064 De Vitte, Elizaveta, Puteviya Vpechatleniya, Leto, 1903 (Impressionistic Travel Notes, summer 1903) and Bukovina i Galichina(Bukovina and Galicia), Kiev, 1904.
A pro-Moscow author writes about the Northeastern Provinces of the Austrian part of Austria-Hungary, emphasizing the “Russian” nature of the area.
$35 (or $25 for Lemko Association members).

P1030067 Kelsiev, Vasilii, Galichina i Moldaviya: Puteviya Pisma (Galicia and Modavia: Travel Letters), second edition, St. Petersburg, 1908. This is a compilation of letters written during a trip from Cracow through Przemysl and Lviv [Galicia]to Iasi [Moldavia] in 1866 and 1867. The personal impressions of a Russophile writer. 351 pages.
$35 (or $25 for Lemko Association members).

P1030066 Vavrik, Vasilii Romanovich, Kratkii Ocherk Galitsko-Russkoi Pismennosti (A short outline of Galician Russian literature) (Louvain, Belgium: Rosseels Printing Co., 1973).
A short discussion of Galician Russian literature from the Przemysl Prince Volodar Rostislavovich to Petr Semenovich Hardy. 75 pages.
$20 (or $15 for Lemko Association members).



A variety of digitized books and audio/video recordings dealing with Lemko-Rusyns are also available from Walter Maksimovich. Please visit and for pricing and availability.

See also this list of other publications available from the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center.