Lemkovyna: A History of the Lemko Region published

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Published in 1969, Father Ioann Polianskii’s Istoriia Lemkovyny is the largest and most comprehensive history of Lemkos and their native region ever written po-nashomu— in the Lemko language. But it has never been available in English– until now!

Thanks to years of effort by members, the Lemko Association has published Lemkovyna: A History of the Lemko Region of the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe, a complete English translation of Father Polianskii’s book.

Lemkovyna: A History of the Lemko Region of the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe is both a celebration of the Lemko Region, which the author calls a “foretaste of paradise,” and a lament over its suffering, especially the ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants after WW II.

Polianskii traces the social, political, and religious history of Lemkos and neighboring Carpatho-Rusyns, chronicling early Slavic tribes and the introduction of Christianity, how villagers earned their living and worked against long odds to improve their circumstances, including emigration to America, and how the Lemko world in the Carpathians was shattered by forced resettlements after the Second World War, including the infamous Operation “Vistula”.

His passion for his native region brings his subjects to life, from indentured servants in medieval manors to outlaws raiding noblemen’s carriages. His eye for detail and access to source material are evident in the detailed histories of Lemko towns such as Sanok, Gorlice, Krynica, Nowy Sącz, and many more.

The 574-page English edition contains a great deal of new material, including detailed explanatory notes and updates; Polianskii’s own autobiography, published for the first time; and appendices by Lemko Association members Paul Best, Walter Maksimovich, and Bogdan Horbal, as well as scholars Mykhailo Almashii and Stanislaw Stepien.

This book is recommended not just for anyone with Lemko roots, but also for anyone looking for a unique perspective on a nearly forgotten corner of Central Europe.


Lemkovyna: A History of the Lemko Region of the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe is available for ordering either online or by mail. The price of $40 (hardcover) or $30 (paperback) includes shipping within the US. Add $12 for international shipping.

Lemko Association members can order through the member discount page and pay only $30 (hardcover) or $20 (softcover).

Substantial discounts are also available for orders of ten or more books; contact us for a quote. For hardcover binding, order ISBN 978-1-938292-00-2; for paperback, the ISBN is 978-1-938292-01-9.

Bonus – original edition

As a special bonus, if you order the book directly through the Lemko Association, we will include a copy of the original 1969 Lemko language book at no additional cost. (U.S. orders only; international orders please contact us.)

We are excited to be able to make this remarkable book available to an English-speaking audience and look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. M M Litzenberger

    I followed the link in this announcement to order 2 copies of the books. I was sent to the PayPal site and ordered but never got a confirmation. Did my order go through?


    1. michaeldecerbo

      Thanks for letting us know about the trouble with your order! I will email you directly to get everything resolved.

  2. Василь

    Добрый динь,я Русин из Закарпаття,мене інтирисує такый вопрос,як вы думаєте,ци годин субі Русин из Закарпаття позволити купити ваші книгы які стоять 25 $ плюс пирисилка из США у Закарпаття 12$ доларув = 37$ доларув,Русины Закарпаття зараблявуть 100 – 120 $ доларув на місяць ?

    1. Walter

      Iстна правда, Тоты ціни лем для клієнтів з США і тим способом заробиме на тим не більше як десят дулярів, по коштах друку і не береме під увагу роки праці над рукописом. З того наша організаця істніє бо грошы нам нихто не дає, не маме укр. спонсорів. Тепер вислати книжку до Европи авіа коштує праві тридцят дулярів. Такі тепер реалія, за дурно нич гнеска не зробит. В нас книжку в твердий оправці за 100 гривні тепер не видрукує.

  3. Steve Rock

    I tried to order through the site, but could not because the only payment option is through PayPal. So my order for two copies just went into the mail – one for me and one for mij otec. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

    1. michaeldecerbo

      Thanks for ordering! We hope you like the book!

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