Carpatho-Slavic Studies Group letter dated October, 2002


The American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies

34th Annual Meeting
starting November 21, 2002 (Thursday) at 2:00 p.m.
ending November 24, 2002 (Sunday) at 12:05 p.m.
at the Hilton Pittsburgh and Towers Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


For those interested in Carpathian Studies there will be four events:

1. A panel session entitled “Advances in Carpatho-Rusyn Scholarship” (Session 3-18) Friday, November 22, 8-9:50 a.m. Stanwix Room, Hilton Hotel.

2. A booth in the publishers display area with publications from “The Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center” and ” A Carpathian Library”

3. A “book launch” reception announcing the publication of Prof. Paul Robert
Magocsi’s Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture, time and place to be announced. Contact display booth.)

Contact, for further information:

Paul J. Best
Political Science
Southern Connecticut State University
NewHaven,CT 06515

Tel 203-392-5660
Fax 203-392-5670



A Carpathian Library

This collection of books deals with the Slavic inhabitants of the Carpathian Mountain region of Central Europe, their descendents and their neighbors.

Materials available for direct purchase:



1) The Lemkos of Poland: Articles and Essays
edited by Paul Best and Jaroslaw Moklak (Cracow and New Haven: Carpatho- Slavic Studies Group, and Historia lagellonica, 2000) 245 pages, maps, illustrations         $25.00 [ This publication contains the papers and related materials from three scholarly conferences held in Britain and Poland in the 1990s]

2) The Lemko Region, 1939-1947: War, Occupation and Deportation
edited by Paul Best and Jaroslaw Moklak (Cracow and New Haven: Carpatho- Slavic Studies Group, and Historia lagellonica, 2002) Approx. 250 pages, maps, illustrations         $25.00 [Selected papers of a May 2001 conference of that name held at the J agiellonian University, Cracow, Poland, are translated and printed here. Available Fall 2002]

3) Pawel Wronski “The Lower Beskids: On the Trail of Churches of the Eastern Rite” Podroze (Travels) April, 2002 (trans. P. Best) $10.00 [a 25 page bi-lingual Polish-English travelogue for hikers who wish to visit Eastern Rite churches in the Lower Beskids (Beskid Niski) region of the Carpathian Mountains in Poland. Maps, full color photographs]

4) Grzegorz Mazur, Wojciech Rojek, Marian Zgorniak, War and Occupation in the Carpathian Foothills and Tatra Region: the Home Army Inspectorate of Nowy Sacz, 1939-1945 (New Haven and Cracow: Carpatho-Slavic Studies Group and Historia lagellonica -Expected Fall 2003, Translated by Paul Best)
[This is a detailed history of the Polish Home [Resistance] Army in the Carpathian Mountain Region during World War II. Written by three Jagiellonian University history professors]

5) Father Ioan Polansky and the History of the Lemko Region, a translation of Polansky’s Autobiography and History with commentary, by Paul J. Best. Scheduled for 2004         $25.00


Rusyn – Lemko
I. F. Lemkin [ Father Ioan Polansky] Istoriya Lemkoviny v. 5 chastyach (The History of the Lemko Region in 5 parts) (Yonkers, NY: The Lemko Association in the USA and Canada, 1969) 384 pages with photos and illustrations         $ 15.00 [This is the classic Lemko language history of the Lemko Region by a non-Ukrainian oriented Greek-Catholic priest and regional patriot]


“The Peter and Anastasia Hardy Collection” of Rusophil Reprints. Rusophilia was/is the view that there is a common single East-Slavic nation. The idea is that Vielyka Rus’ (Great Rus’ – the Moscow, St Petersburg state), Malo Rus’ (Ukraine), Bela Rus’ (White Rus’) and Karpatska Rus’ (Carpathian Rus’) form a single, unified, national area with only regional and dialectical differences. (Of course, others feel that these four Rus’es ought to be recognized as separate entities)
1. In one volume
Prikarpatskaya Rus pod Vladeniem Austrii (the Carpathian – Rus Region under the Rule of Austria) second supplemented edition. Authored by Svistun Filipp Ivanovich, 1896

Nachalo Istorii Amerikanskoi Rusi (The Beginning of the History of American Rus) authored by Protopresbyter Petr Kokhanik, 1897

necrology of Fr. Kokhanik, an extract from the Shematizm (outline) of the Apostolic Administration of the Lemko Region, 1936 and 8 pages of biographies of Rus social activists and a 12 page extract of a Kachkovsky Society Calender of 1912. Photographs         $25.00 (Trumbull, Connecticut: Carpatho-Russian Literary Society Reprint, 1970) 645 pages
6. Voyenniye Prestupleniya Gabsburskoi Monarchii: 1914-1917 (the War Crimes of the Habsbury Monarchy: 1914-1917) (Trumbull, Connecticut: Peter S. Hardy, 1964)         $100.00
[This remarkable book is a reprint of the four Thalerhof concentration camp almanacs which were printed in Lviv in the years 1924-1932. These four memoir books, bound now in one volume of 732 pages with pictures and illustrations, contain a wealth of information about what happened to the Carpathian Rus during World War I. These people were considered deadly enemies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire]

2. Tedor Tedorovich Aristov
Karpato -Russkie Pisateli (Carpatho-Russian Writers) Volume I, second supplemented edition (Moscow: Galitsian -Russian Society in Petrograd, 1916)         $20.00
[Beginning with a 45 page biography of the author written in 1973 the book proceeds to discuss the place of Carpathian Rus writers in the grander scheme of “Russian” literature from the 10th century up to the 20th century]
(Trumbull, CT: Carpatho-Russian Literary Society Reprint, 1977) 304 pages

3. E. de-Vitte
Puteviva Vpechatleniva. Leto 1903 (An Impressionistic Guide, Summer 1903): Bukovina i (and) Galichina (Galitsia) Kiev, 1904          $20.00
[A pro-Moscow author writes about the Northeastern provinces of the Austro- Hungarian Empire emphasizing the “Russian” nature of the area]
(Trumbull, CT: Carpatho-Russian Literary Society Reprint, 1977) 250 pages

4. Vasilii Kelsiev
Galichina i Moldaviya:.Puteviya Pisma (Galitsia and Moldavia: Travel Letters) Second Edition, St. Petersburg, 1808.         $20.00
[This is a compilation of “letters” written during a trip from Cracow through przemysl and Lviv to Yasi in 1866 and 1867. The personal impressions of a Russophil writer]
(Trumbull, CT: Carpatho-Russian Literary Society, 1976) 351 pages

5. Vasilii Romanovich Vavrik
Kratkii Ocherk Galitsko-Russkoi Pismennosti ( a short outline of Galitsian Russian Literature) (Louvain, Belgium: Rosseels Printing Co., 1973) 75 pages         $10.00
[A short discussion of Galitsian Russian writers from the przemysl Prince Volodar Rostislavovich to Petr Semenovich Hardy]



It is very difficult to gather in one place all those publications which deal with the Carpathian Region. If you have or know of some publication that deals with that area of the world please let us know so it may be added to out listings.
Inter-Ed, Inc. maintains a materials collections on the Carpathian Region. Please don’t throw anything away. Any books, periodicals, recordings, documents, papers in any language which deal with the Carpathian Region, its population, descendents of that population no matter where living, and neighbors of the Carpathian Region can be contributed to the Carpathian collection. Send such materials to us.
Direct your communications about this and any other Carpathian issue to:

Prof. Paul J. Best
The Carpathian Euroregion Initiative
c/o The Political Science Department
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut 06515 USA

Tel: 203-392-5660
Fax: 203-392-5670
Email: Best@SouthernCT.Edu

[A Carpathian Library is part of the Carpathian European Initiative of the Inter-Ed, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation founded in 1974 under U.S. Federal Law ( a 501 (c) (3) entity) and Connecticut State Law for strengthening International Education. Any income realized by the Carpathian Librabry will be used solely to disseminate information about the Carpathian Euroregion.
Inter-Ed, Inc. is wholly controlled by the Political Science Department of Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.]

Periodicals available – special order, prices vary

1. Carpatho-Rus / Karpatska Rus, a bi-lingual bi-weekly newspaper of the Lernko Association of the USA

2. Narodni Novinki, a weekly published in Presov, Slovak Republic, by the Rusyn Renaissance Society

3. The New Rusyn Times, a monthly published by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society of the USA

4. RUSYN, a bi-monthly published in Presov for the international Rusyn Association

5. BESIDA, a bi-lingual (polish, Lemko-Rusyn) bi-monthly published by the Lemko Association of Poland

6. The Church Messenger, a newspaper published 20 times a year in English for the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese which is under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople


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