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 Today’s tidbit:
The Lemko Association
The Lemko AssociationSunday, March 22nd, 2020 at 5:32pm
In the midst of this worldwide pandemic, the 2020 census is still taking place online.
Everyone Counts!
By April 1, 2020, all Americans will begin to receive their census forms—and it’s important that you and your family members get counted as Carpatho-Rusyn. If we indicate our Carpatho-Rusyn ethnicity on the census, and the number of us counted as Carpatho-Rusyn increases since the last census, this increases our chances as a community to access federal funding and other programs that can support our culture in the United States. So when you get your Census form, go to Question No. 9, check White (or your race) THEN fill in the words CARPATHO-RUSYN in the blocks provided under that line.
So, be counted on your census form—and tell all your friends, neighbors, church fellows, and family who are Carpatho-Rusyn to fill it out too.
If you write in Slavic, Lemko, Carpatho-Russian, or Ruthenian there is no guarantee you will be counted as Carpatho-Rusyn.
NOTE: This is the official position of the Carpatho-Rusyn Consortium of North America and its constituent organizations, including the Lemko Association, on how U.S. residents should fill out the 2020 Census to indicate Carpatho-Rusyn ancestry.

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