Rusyn flags available

At the request of several members, the Lemko Association has produced 3 by 5 foot Carpatho-Rusyn flags suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. The flags are made of good quality polyester and have brass grommets for mounting to a flagpole with rope (not included). The price, formerly $29 per flag, is now only $20 per flag including shipping to the United States (or only $16 per flag for Lemko Association members.) International shipping is additional and based on weight.

Order below or visit the member discounted orders page. To join the Lemko Association, visit the membership page.

Further discounts are available for orders of five or more flags; please contact us for details.


  1. James Huryan

    I already purchased two of the Rusyn flags for my house it Karpato Mtn Ln, now I an looking for two Flag of Lemko-Rusyn Republic. can anybody help?


  2. Jennifer Bell

    I ordered two Rusyn flags but only received one.The package invoice said two and I paid for two but only one was in the package. The contact link does not work nor can I find a phone number. Thank you for your help in rectifying this matter. The flag is beautiful and I look forward to getting the other.

    1. webmaster

      Sorry about that, Jennifer! The contact form link should be working again and we sent you the missing flag.

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