Lemko Association meeting May 12th

The 45th biennial Lemko Association Convention will be held Saturday, May 12th, at 11:00am at the Lemko Association headquarters, 184 Old County Road, Higganum, Connecticut (see a map).

All members are asked to participate in person or by means of the mail ballot included with the most recent issue of Karpatska Rus’.

Please do let us know if you will be able to come personally so that we can plan to have sufficient food for a small luncheon after the meeting.


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  1. wasyl

    What now is the headquarters of the Lemko Association?

    1. michaeldecerbo

      The headquarters is an annex to the home of president Paul Best, on forested land in Higganum, Connecticut. If the hills were a little bigger, you could imagine that you were in the Carpathians. Contact Paul about stopping by if you will be in the area.

      1. wasyl

        He has a bust of Simeon Pyzh?

  2. James Huryan

    My background and that of my wife include grandparents who immigrated to the United States of America in 1910-1914.
    Our grandparents arrived from: Biala Woda, Ruthenia, Galicia (Halychyna), Maksym Szymczak, Grandfather

    – Czarna Woda, Ruthenia, Galicia (Halychyna), Anastazia Kaspriak, Grandmother Ivano-Frankovsk, Ruthenia, Galicia (Halchyna) Dmitro Mykytyn, Grandfather We along with our children and grandchildren’s were able to visit (2008) our grandparents homeland.It was one of the high points of all our lives. Since then we became members of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society. We are currently living in a small town in South Pittsburg TN. Because of our experiences and a waking of our Ruthenian history, we had a road or lane here in South Pittsburg TN rename to Karpato Mtn Lane, and I would like to display our Rusyn flag. (3 ft by 5 ft) along with the American and state flags

    Can you help find where I can purchase our flag and Rusyn Symbols?


    James ( Jajue ) Huryan

    139 Karpato Mtn Lane

    South Pittsburg, TN 37380

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