New map of Lemkovyna available

We have prepared and printed a new 24 by 36 inch, full color, 1:200,000 scale map of Lemkovyna, suitable for wall mounting or use as a reference. The map is noteworthy for showing many Lemko villages that no longer exist and are hard to find on other maps.


The new map




Here’s a small portion of the map, showing the level of detail:


The new map


The map is available to members for $10, mailed in a tube, postage included. The non-member price is $13.
If ordering multiple maps, add only $5.00 for each additional map after the first shipped to the same address.


See our publications page for address and payment information. You can also order below at the non-member price or on the member discount page.


Please contact us with any questions or comments on the map.

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  1. Corinna Caudill

    It would be helpful if you would have a screenshot of the eastern boundary of Lemkovyna on your map. Scholars disagree on where that boundary lies, so I’d like to know where you’ve drawn it so that I can determine if it will be useful for our purposes (The Lemko Project.) Even if someone could email me and tell me, that would be helpful too. Thanks. -Corinna

    1. Orest Lechnowsky

      Corinna, I have no more information on this map than what is shown here on this site, and it looks pretty fuzzy. But it looks to me like the Eastern map extent shown here is quite a bit east of the boundary given by Reinfuss. It looks to me like this map includes a fair amount of Boykivshchyna and all of Dolynianshchyna. I don’t know whether there is any clarification of those specifics on the map, or boundaries drawn to denote that. If not, it would be very misleading.

      1. webmaster

        Thank you for your interest in the map. Though the image here might be fuzzy, the actual printed map is very clear, as hopefully the zoomed-in excerpt shows.

        As far as the eastern border of Lemkovyna is concerned, Lemko identity in the east and northeast of the region was fluid, and probably no map can display this to the satisfaction all academic reviewers without becoming graphically confusing for the casual user. For more discussion about the boundaries of Lemkovyna, we recommend Chapter 6 of Lemko Studies: A Handbook by Bogdan Horbal, which is for sale on this site. Horbal concludes “it would be appropriate to regard the basins of the Oslawa and Solinka as the transitional Lemko-Bojko territory” but notes the idea found “in some Lemko circles… that the region actually extends as far as the San river.. and is reflected in Lemko consciousness of many second and third generation [displaced] persons.”

      2. webmaster

        The bottom of the map includes the following text:

        While studies during the interwar period suggest that the ethnolinguistic border between Lemko-Rusyns and Boiko-Rusyns of Poland lay along the eastern side of the Oslawa and Solinka river valleys, this map reflects the widest area of proposed Lemko territory as put forward by the Lemko Association in the 1928-1990 time period.

        It also references as sources a 1936 map by Mykhailo Fedorko; a 1958 map by T. Shevshyk; a 1983 map by Volodymyr Kubijovich; a 1988 map by Stebelskii and Struminskii; and a 1991 map by Vasyl Latta.

        Hopefully this provides sufficient leads for those interested in historical details.

  2. John Gomba

    Would you know if the Villages:



    HIDEKPOHOK or it may be spelled HIDEGPATAK Years 1912 and 1909…

    Is on this map. I don’t believe these Villages exists today by that name.

    Please email me.

    Thank You,
    John Gomba

  3. John Senick


    Google Maps shows a successful hit for Hidegpatak in Slovakia, but then proceeds to zoom in on Studenec, Slovakia, which is on this map of Lemkovyna (terrfific map and value, by the way). I also saw on several internet forums that Hidegpatak later became Studenec. Perhaps Studenec is the modern day village you are looking for.

  4. John Hubiack

    Grandparents came from czarina and jasowska. We’re always Ukrainian catholic and spoke Ukrainian, but can t find on map. Just read book of relocating Ukrainians from Poland. Can you give me web sights that I can get more info. And maps. Thanks

  5. Corinna Caudill


    I’m not on the board of the Lemko Association, but I’m a member and can give you a suggestion. You might think about joining Lemko Connections-English on Facebook. You will get plenty of suggestions and information there. There are members of various Lemko organizations active in that online forum and most people try to be helpful to others who are trying to learn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemkoconnectionsenglish/
    I think it’s a great place to start, and you’ll definitely get a lot of info.

    Corinna Caudill

  6. Kathryn

    Is the map still available to order through PayPal?

    1. webmaster

      Hi Kathryn! Yes, we still have plenty of maps available.

  7. Mike Yankovich

    Is this map still available??

    1. webmaster

      The map is still available! Use the “Buy Now” button, and we’ll have it in the mail by the end of the week.

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