“The Blue Lady of Sycamore Hill” published

Lemko Association members and friends should take note of a newly-published book, “The Blue Lady of Sycamore Hill”, by American author (and frequent visitor to Lemkovyna) Alvin Alexsi Currier.


It tells the story of the appearance of Mary, the Mother of God, among the Lemko people, on Sycamore Hill (гора явор) near Wysowa in Lemkovyna. (Sycamore Hill is now the site of an annual pilgrimage; for example, see this photo gallery by Lemko Association member Walter Maksimovich.)

Set against the historical background of their pain and suffering, the text recounts the dramatic events on Sycamore hill as it becomes the spiritual heart of this people and their land.

Lavishly illustrated by the author, this book is crafted for children of all ages. It can be ordered directly from the author using this link.







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