Digital files for Rusyn symbols

Rusyn coat of arms

The Academy of Rusyn Culture in the Slovak Republic has posted a description of the Rusyn symbols approved at the Ninth World Congress of Rusyns, along with sample digital files for the Rusyn shield or coat of arms, and the Rusyn flag. Many thanks to them for making that information available!

But I found that in order to incorporate them into new designs, it would be helpful to have versions of the files either in a vector format, or in a bitmap format with higher resolution. So I created some alternate versions and am making them available to the community here, in case they might be helpful to others. You are welcome to use them and I disclaim all proprietary interest.

Rusyn shield (Adobe Illustrator document)

Rusyn shield (Scalable Vector Graphic)

Rusyn shield (PNG)

Rusyn flag (Adobe Illustrator document)

Rusyn flag (Scalable Vector Graphic)

Rusyn flag  (PNG)

Please be aware, though, that these files simply represent my own interpretation of the Rusyn symbols described on the Academy of Rusyn Culture page. I am not claiming that they are official or authoritative in any way.

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  1. CB

    I’m trying to import these into tinkercad, but it’s saying that the svg files are empty?

  2. michaeldecerbo

    Hmm, unfortunately I don’t know what the problem might be, CB. The SVG files display fine in Google Chrome for me.

  3. Jan

    Whenever i click “Rusyn flag (PNG)” it says something about linking.

    1. michaeldecerbo

      Jan, I changed a setting on the web server. Please try again and let me know if you are still not able to access the file.

      1. Jan

        Thanks, I didn’t expect such a quick reply. Very good work with the flag, look’s great.

      2. Jan

        Also, do You know where can i get official versions?

        1. michaeldecerbo

          I haven’t found anywhere with official high resolution versions. The files on rusynacademy.sk that I linked above seem to be official versions, but they are low resolution.

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