November 19th in Bridgeport: Winter in the Carpathians

Winter in the Carpathians
a lecture and discussion with Bonnie Burke


Sunday, November 19, 2017, 11:00am
St. John the Baptist Church hall
364 Mill Hill Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Did you ever wonder just what winter was like in the homeland?

Many people from North America have visited relatives and ancestral villages in Carpathian Rus’ during late spring, summer, or early fall– but we haven’t heard of many who have spent the winter there.

Thus, we are pleased to have a lecture and slide show about winter in the Carpathians by Bonnie Burke, ably assisted by her husband. Come learn how our ancestors survived during the very long, very cold winter months, What did they eat and how were the foods prepared? How did they stay warm and what did they wear? What activities kept them busy and what social activities took place?

The talk and slide show will be on Sunday, November 19, 2017, in the basement social area of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic of St. John the Baptist Church, 364 Mill Hill Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut, after Sunday Divine Liturgy. We thank the church leaders for making available the use of their facilities for this event.

All are welcome and there’s no need to RSVP – just show up! For more information, contact us.

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