Thalerhof Day and picnic, August 4, 2018 in Connecticut


On Thalerhof Day we commemorate the tens of thousands of East Slavic men, women and children who suffered persecution, lost their health or died in relation to the Austro-Hungarian concentration camp located at the village of Thalerhof, south of Graz, in 1914-1917 (World War I) AND those who died in fighting in and around the Carpathian Region in both the world wars. In addition, we remember the post-WW II tragic uprooting of Rusyns both in Poland and Slovakia, in the population “exchanges” with the Soviet Union (1944-1946) and the internal displacement of Lemkos and Ukrainians in Poland in “Akcja Wisla” (1947) and the concomitant incarceration of thousands in the Jaworzno concentration camp (Central Labor Camp Jaworzno), 1947-1949.

All Lemko Association members and friends are cordially invited.

Saturday, August 4, 2018 (rain date: Saturday, August 11)
10:00am: discussion of the Lemko Association’s current activities, in the Carpathian Institute library.

11:00am, Panachida service (remembrance of the dead) at the Thalerhof Memorial gazebo

12 noon to 6 pm, Picnic (kermesh) get together with food, music, talk, singing, general camaraderie and a display of educational material.

On the grounds of the Carpathian Institute in Higganum, Connecticut. Follow this link for directions.

We are requesting a $10.00 donation for adults, $5.00 for children, to cover the costs of food for the picnic.
We will be very glad if you can bring something to share.

Contact us or call Lemko Association president Paul Best at 1-860-345-7997.

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