Kečera Folk Ensemble touring USA this September

The “Kečera” Folk Ensemble from the Lemko vllage of Jakubany (Rusyn: Якубяны/Iakubianŷ) in Slovakia is making their first tour of America!

Jakubany has a rich cultural heritage, including distinctive folklore, music, dance and costume. The villagers of Jakubany developed these traditions based on their relationships with the forests, pastures and mountains that surround them. In fact, “Kečera” is named after a small mountain on the outskirts of their village.

The performances by Kečera are not only artistic and educational, but they help to keep alive the traditions and values of the people. Kečera depicts Rusyn traditional life in Jakubany through song, dance and costume. People from around the world have enjoyed viewing scenes from weddings, christenings, holidays, celebrations and also everyday life. Kečera’s beautiful and original songs have been recorded and sold throughout the world.

We are lucky to have Kečera perform in the U.S.A. They’ll be in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and New Jersey between September 19-28. For details and ticket information, visit http://www.c-rs.org/National/14kecera.html .



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  1. James Huryan

    IS there any lemko flags?

  2. michaeldecerbo

    We are working on getting some Lemko Republic flags made, but it will be at least a few months.

  3. James

    Ok I will wait,keep me posted

  4. James

    Cab somebody tell me The meaning of the color on the Lemko-Rusyn flag?

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